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Katie MeyerKatie Meyer
00:22 13 May 24
We boarded our 3 Toy Manchester's for 24 days in Apr, 2024. They clearly had a wonderful time, as they weren't even anxious to go home. They looked at me like, "what are you doing here??" I'm convinced that they had accepted Wye River as their new home.
Peter JoycePeter Joyce
13:26 20 Jan 24
jim didonatojim didonato
18:13 05 Jan 24
Melissa TalbotMelissa Talbot
22:00 28 Dec 23
So nice and hospitable
Bonnie PhillipsBonnie Phillips
14:05 05 Dec 23
Very nice facility
Sarah UnderwoodSarah Underwood
22:26 02 Dec 23
Nico was there 8 days and came home in fine shape. I like that he could have his bed and a toy from home. Fees are very reasonable.
Rachel CallowayRachel Calloway
14:54 12 Oct 23
Emily & Scott are so kind & helpful. WRK has very accommodating hours and is set on a beautiful piece of property. They actually answer the phone and return calls, which means a lot when your fur baby is away.
josh allenjosh allen
20:13 05 Oct 23
Love this place and I think my dog likes it even more. Gets excited when I’m dropping him off. Owners are so easy going and appreciate the military discount they offer.
Jacqueline KJacqueline K
18:53 05 Oct 23
I highly recommend using Wye River Kennel for your boarding needs! The staff always goes above and beyond to care for my two mini Australian shepherds. Emily and Tori are incredibly welcoming and helpful and will do anything to make sure my dogs are cared for and loved during their stay. I drive almost an hour to keep my dogs at Wye River because they are that great. I’ve been using them for nearly two years now and have always had the best experience. The kennel is clean and well taken care of.
Tammy KiddTammy Kidd
16:58 10 Sep 23
Our pets experience was top notch. We felt like our dog was staying with a loving friend. The enrichment and daily updates made us feel connected while we were away. I look forward to our next trip knowing our pup will be in safe hands.
Yvonne ScalphYvonne Scalph
15:56 08 Sep 23
Our dog Sura had the best time at Wye River Kennel. The staff was patient and kind as she was a little nervous at first. She enjoyed the outdoor time with the other dogs and her walks. Bonus points for having her all bath and ready to come home when her visit was over.
Elizabeth RothElizabeth Roth
14:56 25 Jun 23
We had an Absolutely amazing experience! We dropped our pointer mix pup off for a weekend; everyone there was pleasant and efficient. We plan to use wye river kennels again for sure
Sandra JordanSandra Jordan
11:11 14 Mar 23
We had a family event in my house yesterday and because of the amount of people we invited, it was best that I leave my darling dogs in the care of Wye River Kennel for the day and night. A huge shout out to Rocky at Wye River Kennel. They came home happy and tired. Thank you for taking care of our two most favorite kids! ( They never argue back 😂) We appreciate you!
Diane RecktenwaldDiane Recktenwald
14:20 08 Aug 22
Wye River Kennels is an amazing place. Boarded my German Shepard for 9 days. She did amazing. We don’t board her very often but when we do she doesn’t eat much, lays around, and we usually end up with a $400 vet bill for infection. At Wye River she ate, was with other dogs without barking at them, and didn’t need any anxiety medicine. First time at Wye River and she loved it. They even sent me a video of her interacting with the dogs as he knew I was anxious about boarding her. Rocky and his staff are amazing. This will be the only place I board her from now on. They also are the most reasonably priced. Can’t say enough about them.
Ralphell JamisonRalphell Jamison
20:44 11 Jul 21
The only place We've ever taken my puggle and now our other two mastadors. Such a great business and property. I've never worried about my dogs here.
Lonnie TaylorLonnie Taylor
18:40 18 May 21
Wye River Kennel was by far the best place for my dogs to be boarded while I was deployed for 6+ months. Being in the military for over 19 years I have had to board my dogs at multiple places throughout the country. Wye River Kennel is owned by Rocky who is a veteran. He went above and beyond making sure that my dogs were taking care of while I was gone. They took care of my dogs like they were family and I will not board my dogs any place but there. For any military members within the D.C., Baltimore or Dover area, Wye River Kennel offers a very reasonable military discount. You will not be disappointed choosing Wye River Kennel.
Susan GrovesSusan Groves
19:46 28 Jul 20
I can highly recommend Wye River Kennel after my dogs’ first time there. This kennel provided everything they needed including daily walks, a shaded play yard, comfortable space in a temperature-controlled room, and an attentive staff. I received a couple of thoughtful video texts during their weeklong stay and a couple of clean, happy, well cared-for dogs at pick up 🙂 This is the kennel experience we hoped for! I’m grateful for this kennel and it’s beautiful horse farm setting on the eastern shore.
Bob SuttonBob Sutton
14:18 18 Mar 20
The Wye River Kennel is the best and only kennel where we would leave our 3 pets. We have been using Wye River for over 20 years and my pets have always received the best of care. The crew (Rocky's Guy's) are all conscientious and take their responsibilities seriously. The personal care and report card synopsis of their behavior tell me that they are looked after closely and not neglected.My guy's are always happy when they realize where they are going. For my money there is no better place to entrust their care.Bob & Rosemary Sutton

Really nice to have a kennel where they remember your dogs name. They take great care of my dog Skippy and there prices are reasonable too. Highly recommended! All the staff are loving and caring and the grounds are very well kept. The owners are very friendly.
Nila H.

Queenstown, MD

My babies spent Christmas at Wye River Kennel and as much as I missed them I know this is the only other place other than home that they will be loved and spoiled. They love coming. I think you should offer some cabin stays for humans.

Kathy M.

Queenstown, MD

I have two rescue poodles who are rather skittish, and Rocky and David are wonderful with them. I never have to worry when I am away, because I know Abby and Sophia are being pampered and well cared for, as if they were at home. My poodles come home well exercised and happy, but tired. A Big Thank You for the wonderful care you always give my poodles.
Vallerie S

Stevensville, MD

If you are looking for a place to board your fur baby, Wye River Kennel is the place to go!! I have a 3 yo Yorkie and a 2 yo GSD that I have boarded with Wye River Kennel several times and will not go anywhere else!

My GSD had separation anxiety and I was nervous and anxious about leaving her the first time, but Rocky made me feel at ease. Rocky even took extra time with Baylee to calm her and to make her feel comfortable during her first couple of stays. Now when I drop my babies off they are so excited to see Rocky that I no longer worry.

Wye River isn’t only for large dogs, they are great with the little ones too!!

Kimberly R.


I’m not sure who loves this place the most, me or my dogs! They are both very eager to go, NEVER refusing to get out or go inside the entrance. You can tell they enjoy their stay there because when you pick them up they are happy and ALWAYS immaculate. There are outdoor runs so they can get fresh air and the entire place is well kept and clean. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone…
Gwen W.


We have been with this kennel since 1994 , caring for 4 of our Springer Spaniels. The kennel is staffed with caring individuals and a clean premises. We love the amount of outdoor time our dogs have in such a natural setting. The care our almost 13 year old dog receives is like no other. I truly appreciate their communication!! Hands down, best kennel ever!!
Julie O.


I found this place on the recommendation from a friend. I drive from Annapolis and HIGHLY recommend this place. The staff is great, my dog I know is happy there. It’s so we’ll run and in a beautiful spot.

For all you dog owners on the western shore it’s convenient to drop your canine family member off on the way to the beach. Pick them back up on your way home. (They can even plan for a bath so they smell sweet when you pick up your furry pal). These folks are great. After many years of going here Tino still wags his tail as we drive in the gate. I have piece of mind. Reasonable prices for excellent care.

Christine K.

Annapolis, MD

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Pet Information Form

Current clients adding a new pet will need to fill out this form and bring it in, mail it, or email it to us.

Boarding Waiver

Each new client will need to fill out a waiver.

Click the button below to download our waiver form.


You many be asking, how far in advance should a dog receive a bordetella vaccine prior to boarding?

It depends on the vaccine that is used. The intranasal vaccine has a quick onset of protection (3-5 days). So, recommending it be given one week prior to boarding should be fine. The injectable vaccine requires longer, and I recommend getting the vaccine 2 weeks prior to boarding. If the animal is getting vaccinated for the first time, the injectable vaccine should be boostered 3 weeks later. Therefore, I would recommend a dog have the entire protocol prior to boarding. If they don't, I always tell the client there dog may not be protected well against bordetella. Too many people run in the day they need to drop their pet off at the kennel to get the vaccine.

Also, does a newly vaccinated dog "shed" symptoms of the virus?

Yes. A newly vaccinated dog can have symptoms of kennel cough if the intranasal vaccine was used. Generally, these symptoms (cough/sneeze, runny nose) are seen about 3-5 days after vaccination, and resolve on their own over the course of the next week. This is not usually seen when injectable bordetella is given.



Question: My dog was recently boarding and now has a raw spot on her nose. Is this normal or do I have reason to believe that facility did something wrong?

Answer: It is very common for dogs to get a red raw spot on their nose when boarding. It is so common that it is called “kennel nose”! This can happen at five-star doggie resorts.

Here is why: Dogs live by instincts! The canine instinct mode kicks into high gear when they are away from home. They have instincts to hunt, bring their food to a safe place, hide the food they can’t eat immediately, and protect their stash. They also have instincts to protect their territory and protect their pack. Many dogs are escape artists and have a high instinct to return to their own territory.

Many dogs, happily playing at a boarding kennel all day, at dinnertime, immediately try to bury their food and dish under their bedding! In the process of pushing the dish over and nosing each kibble under their blanket they can bruise or injure their snouts!

Also, some dogs get sore noses from trying to get out by chewing at the doors of the kennel. They may also dig on concrete or tile floors until their nails are worn down to the sensitive quick.

The best way to keep your dog happy and comfortable while boarding is to slowly get him conditioned to being separated from you. Take him to doggie daycare several times a week. Join a play group at a local dog club or dog park and let your dog get socialized and comfortable around other dogs. Teach him you will always come back and he can be safe and happy while you are gone!